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Inverted White and Black Hirbawi® Kufiya

Inverted White and Black Hirbawi® Kufiya

$ 35.99

Own a legendary Kuffiyeh, a piece of everyday accessories, from the factory that started counting its 7th decade of operation.

This design was born when Mr. Hirbawi was looking through old day negative photo film strips. He was inspired by the negative color combination and created the said negative and here we are.

This kufiya is not just a headscarf, but a tapestry of heritage, endurance, and tradition. Each weave tells a story, and with the Hirbawi Black and White Kufiya, you're proudly donning a narrative of centuries, deep-rooted in Palestine's heart and soul.
The Hirbawi Black and White Kufiya mirrors a fishnet, a nod to Palestine's historic fishing livelihood, while its lines trace ancient trade routes central to the nation's past. Olive leaves embellish the design, symbolizing the unmatched resilience and significance of the Palestinian spirit.

Although they are most often worn on the head, they have also been known to be used for the following purposes:

Face Cover

  • Shemagh
  • Symbol of Cultural Solidarity
  • Protection from the Sun
  • Hiking accessory: blanket, pillow, bandage or arm sling And more

Also available in Black and white.


Fabric: Cotton. Made on a custom kufiya loom and finished by hand.
Color:  Black base & white
Scarf Size: Apprx. 47"X 47"
Suggested Care:

Hand wash or gentle machine wash preferably in delicates bag, and line dry.

Made in Palestine in Hirbawi factory


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