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Gratitude journal for Muslim women

The Dua Journal - SELF LOVE | A journal for Muslim Women

$ 22.00

A reflection journal for beginning your journey to finding or deepening your self-love as a Muslim woman, through building your relationship with Islam and Allah.

Each journaling page corresponds to one day, and each day contains a thoughtfully selected verse translated into English with relevant tafsir and reflection points. Following the tafsir are guided questions that will help you focus, reflect, and apply your learnings. Consider this your safe space!

There are four parts to this journal.

In the first section, you learn about your status and significance as a creation of Allah which helps you understand the nature of your relationship with the Creator giving you the mindset and perspective required to see self-love as it should be.

The second part focuses on your status and rights as Muslim women, boosting your confidence and increasing appreciation for your multifaceted femininity. Understanding your nature and Allah’s intent helps you connect the importance of self-love to your existence and contribution to the life Allah meant for you.

In part three, you will explore ways in which self-care is built into our faith. You will recognize your body, mind, and life as a trust (an amanah) from Allah that deserves the utmost care and respect.

In the final part of your journey, you will move from taking care of your outward body to strengthening your spiritual self. You do that by caring for, purifying, and reigniting your spiritual and mental health grounding you in faith, unlocking your inner peace, clarifying your purpose, reconnecting with Allah and flourishing as Muslim women.

    Other Details:

    • Pink cloth bound hard cover
    • Elegant embossed title
    • Satin ribbon for easy place keeping
    • Open dated reflection pages with guided reflection sections
    • Inspirational hadith and duas


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