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Islamic Art Print - Together In Jannah

Islamic Art Print - Together In Jannah

$ 19.99

Contemporary Islamic Artprint featuring quran verse 78:8: "AND WE CREATED YOU IN PAIRS".

A fantastic art print for your Modern Muslim home decor.

The print also makes a great gift for -

  • Anniversary
  • Nikah / Walima (Wedding)
  • House Warming Party

The Story: Notice the two contrasting sides? Each represents a partner in the relationship.

This painting symbolizes the union known as the Nikah. Each day we build new memories, adapt to habits, make each other better, embrace differences, become the others strength & grow a little more. Hence, the dripping effect symbolizes this bumpy yet beautiful process of becoming one & working towards a common goal: Jannah. 

May our marriages be as beautiful/joyful as Muhammad PBUH & Ayesha RA & as everlasting/strong as Muhammad PBUH& Khadijah RA

Paper: Printed on quality photo paper for optimal color

What you get: The art print is stamped & packaged with a description card that states the story behind the original painting 

Framing: All prints are UNFRAMED.


  • Please refer to measurements for exact size.
  • All prints are sold individually without any framing.
  • No major editing has been done to these images. Prints are almost exactly as seen here.
  • All artwork is subject to copyright and any reproduction or printing of this work is against the law.
  • Please understand that colors shown on different monitor may vary from actual print color. We make sure colors are as accurate to what is shown on our monitor when printed.

Buy the print, frame it.. DONE!

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