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Hats Of Faith

Hats Of Faith

$ 10.99

Hats Of Faith is a beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering.

The book inspires tolerance and understanding of others. Using accurate terminology, phonetic pronunciations and bright, beautiful imagery, Hats of Faith helps educate and prepare young children and their parents for our culturally diverse modern world.

Hats Of Faith features 9 different head coverings including -

  • Turban
  • Hijab
  • Rasta Hat
  • Patka
  • Tichel
  • Chunni
  • Topi
  • Kippah
  • African Head wrap


Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 12
Ages : 0-6


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Customers in the UK and other European countries, order your Hats Of Faith here and save on International shipping.

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