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Dua flash card - Islamic supplecation card - Muslim teen gift

Daily Du’a Card set - Islamic prayer card set - Floral pattern

$ 19.99
Flashcards style 15 islamic supplications cards with short and simple duas that every Muslim should know and recite.
Each card has beautiful floral illustration with the du’as in Arabic, English and the meaning in English.
Short and concise selections makes is easy to understand and memorize. The cards can also be used for placing around the home or school. Makes great gift for children, teens and new converts.

Some dua's included in the set :
Before sleeping
After waking
Entering bathroom
Leaving bathroom
After eating
Before eating
Entering the home
Leaving the home
Dhikr after fard salah
For distress

And more.

Printed on high quality card stock

P.S. Islamic supplication cards are also available in Modern Marble design.

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