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Islamic Gift book - Brother

Brother, An Islamic Perspective - A Gift Book

$ 14.99

Telling your Brother why he is special has never been this easy and fun! An ideal gift to convey what we sometimes find difficult to say through relevant Qur'anic Ayah, Hadith, and Islamic Poetry.

Brother - The perfect gift to give your brother or indeed to educate oneself as to the significance Islam places on this important relationship through relevant Qur'anic Ayah, Hadith, and Islamic Poetry.

Example Quotes from Brother Gift Book:

Nurse no grudge, nurse no aversion and do not sever ties of kinship and live like fellow-brothers as servants of Allah. (Muslim)

Dear brother I don't even have to say a word But by you my words are always heard. A language that only siblings understand. Learned from always being close at hand Shared parents, laughter and pain. InshaAllah our love will never be in vain.

Book Details:

  • Dimension: 6.25 inch X 6.25 inch
  • Hardcover

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