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Barakahville Prayer Rug - Children Prayer Mat

BarakahVille Prayer Rugs for Children - Starry Night Prayer Mat

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Introducing our Plush BarakahVille Children's Prayer Mat – the Starry Night Prayer Rug for Children! 

We have meticulously designed the rug to instill a love for prayer to your child from a very young age. Crafted with comfort and nurturing the natural spirituality, the Barakahville Plush Prayer Rug is more than just a rug – it's a cherished part of your child's spiritual journey. 

Encourage your child to develop a positive association with prayer and foster a deeper connection to their faith. Lay your baby close during prayer time, watch as toddlers mimic your prayer, and witness their growth as they begin their own prayers.

Crafted for comfort and spirituality, it's more than a rug – it's a cherished part of their journey. Invest in their spiritual growth today.

Motivate your child(ren) for salah (Islamic prayer) from a young age with our plush prayer mats. The eye catching age appropriate starry night design is perfect to attract the little mumeens to practice the daily prayer.


Size: 35x24 inches + 5 inches tassel
Appropriate age : 0 - 9years old 

Antibacterial, antistress Velvety fabric

Made in Turkey  


Upon opening, your prayer mat may initially appear compressed. We recommend allowing it to rest for 3-5 hours to reach its full thickness. During this time, the mat will naturally expand and regain its intended shape and comfort.


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