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Mini Play Masjid

Mini Play Masjid

$ 74.99

An ‘open ended’ toy masjid designed to help develop children’s creativity and bring their imagination to life.

Children will be able to decorate, craft, build and learn through play. More importantly, they will be able to develop the essential skills needed later in life, i.e. problem solving, making decisions, co-operating, increased self esteem, language, thinking and social development.

The Play Masjid is a way children can disconnect with their screens and simply reconnect with family. The great part is open ended toys are non-age specific which means anyone can join in the fun!

  • The Play Masjid is FUN & EXCITING for every big and little child across the globe.
  • The Play Masjid is HANDS ON allowing your child to spend hours decorating, crafting, building and learning through PLAY.

  • The Play Masjid is INTERACTIVE as it supports and encourages family bonding and quality time together.
  • The Play Masjid is UNIQUE and one of a kind; you won't find a Play Masjid which brings imagination to life!

Each Play Masjid Kit includes:

  • A Wooden Masjid with 2 floors and 3 walls
  • A small visual booklet which includes:
  • Step by step instructions to build your Play Masjid
  • Step by step instructions to make the Little Mu'meenah Craft
  • Information about Imaginative Play including tips on how to encourage it
  • Story activities to help set the story scene.
  • A family of 4 wooden peg dolls
  • A durable fun designed canvas bag to take your Play Masjid everywhere you go. 


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