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Istafti Qalbak - Consult your heart : A Ramadhan Journal

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Istafti Qalbak - Consult your heart : A Ramadhan Journal

$ 34.99
Istafti Qalbak is a Ramadhan journal based on the concept of Al Muhasabah (Self inventory) which was a regular practice of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum. Rooted from the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), this is a journal designed to help you on a journey of redeeming a heart that desires to redevelop an ultimate connection and closeness to Allah Azza Wa Jall.

And on the authority of Wabisah bin Ma’bad RA who said, “I came to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ and he ﷺ said, ‘You have come to ask about righteousness.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He ﷺ said, ‘Consult your heart (Istafti Qalbak). Righteousness is that about which the soul feels at ease and the heart feels tranquil. And wrongdoing is that which wavers in the soul and causes uneasiness in the breast, even though people have repeatedly given their legal opinion [in its favor].’”

A hadeeth transmitted from the musnads of the two imams, Ahmed bin Hambal and Al-Darimi, with a good chain of authorities.

What does the Ramadan Journal contain?

With gems taken from more than 25 Islamic books, this journal has been divided into 10 sections -

  1. Qur’an
  2. Salah
  3. Allah’s Beautiful Names
  4. Sawm
  5. Sadaqah
  6. Etiquettes for a student of knowledge
  7. Du’a
  8. I’tikaf
  9. Stories
  10. Eid

Such sections are filled with many activities designed to make Ramadhan a fruitful month for you.

With 500 brilliantly colored pages, this journal will definitely make your Ramadan memorable and fun filled while helping you learn more about Islam.

Book Details:

  • 500 pages
  • Dimension: 17cm X 24cm
  • Weight: 3.42lb
  • Hardcover with flap jacket.

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